Creepy hands

Submitted to Community Café

Using wire….. masking tape and sliced cut pool noodles to make an armature to make some creepy hands. I’ve seen some bloggers stage creepy hands on the very bottom holes of cabinet base openings or placed as crawling out under the bed.

Created hands two ways.
One was wire armature with tedious wrapping masking tape to the wire and foam to make the individual fingers.
The second one was using hot glue to attach the foam to the wire fingers.
The second method was much easier and more efficient.
The base of the hand and wrist created with foam, paper mache and clay
Fingernails knuckles and surface veiny prominent areas were created.
Sprayed with 2x flat gray primer and then 2X blossom white.

Final paint job pending.
Stay tuned for the last update.
One of many Hween projects in progress

update 10/13 the rice paper discussion was so helpful thanks @Bastler
Actually crepe paper was the answer. I had textured paper tree wrap and crepe paper on hand for reapplication and the crepe paper worked fabulously for a final “skin” coat. Modpodge sealer drying now should be ready to paint soon.
Should I buy fake fingernails for on top of the cardboard ones…idk….

Final edit
Dollar tree finger nails applied and final paint job complete.
Photographs updated for viewing final project.