How do you solve a problem like....

Submitted to Community Café

... the Lord of the Rings, the Hardy Boys, and every psychology book my wife refuses to let go? Build more sturdy book shelves!!

And how do you make them easy to move when you are gonna re-arrange your house (cause these suckers can get wildly heavy quickly)? Industrial casters! Inspired by Ana White's rustic shelf plans. I like to make things to my own dimensions, but basics of this design are a winner (and the fact that Pottery Barn/Restoration Hardware/etc charge 20x-40x what it costs to build one).

Here is a VERY simple, yet aethetically pleasing bookshelf that can be scaled to width AND height so easily! Best of all, it is made of 2x4's and 2x6s... so it isn't expensive. More than half of the cost of these is getting fun hardware and casters.

DARK stained with Rustoleum Dark Walnut (if you are following my posts... you'll know I have a big ol' bucket so all my stuff matches) and these ones are left without a sealer. Lots of reading, basket moving, and time and light will naturally weather the look because a REALLY antiqued piece only comes with time... (and water when SOMEONE doesn't dry the dishes like they were asked to - oops). Two different sized shelves and applications to show how they take on the flavor of the room they are in.

Hope you enjoy!