Updated Kallax to Sideboard

Submitted to Community Café

It was time for some furniture rearranging, and I ended up with an extra Kallax shelving unit with no place to go. Then the skies parted, the angels trumpeted, and then I got smacked in the head with a great idea! So I got to work redesigning an updated version of that Kallax which would now live in our dining area. Long story short ~ added some beautiful gold metal feet to the bottom of the unit, cut some thin wooden backer board to fit on the back of the unit (and painted just one side black using Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch 2X UltraCover Paint+Primer Spray in Satin Canyon Black, which would be facing towards the front of the unit) and attached using a brad nailer. Added some white canvas storage bins for overflow kitchen storage. ***NEXT*** is making a couple of wine storage racks in the upper corners (see last photo for my inspiration).