Enhancements in Creator's Studio

Submitted to Community Chat

Hi Creators, 

You know we're always working to improve things around the Creator's Studio, and you may have noticed a few small things have changed. Here's a quick update for you detailing some of the changes:

Introducing Saved Content
Previously, you could "follow" other Members and individual pieces of content. We heard from a few of you that it was confusing what you were actually "following" and why.
To reduce confusion, we have introduced the option to "save" content and removed the option to "follow" content. However, our changes go beyond a simple name change! Saving content will make it quicker and easier for you to find content of interest, store it for the future, be notified when something happens to this content, and control how you will be notified. How? In several ways.
From a tile in the feed, you can Save (and unsave) any piece of content through the new drop down menu represented by the three horizontal dots.
(Photo #1)

As with other events in the community, under Settings, you can choose when and how you will be notified when something happens something you've saved. When it says "on page" that means on your notifications page (also accessed by clicking the bell icon at the top right of your screen).
(Photo #2)

Similar to social media sites, if you find you are getting too many notifications from a specific item (like a popular blog post or challenge submission), you can turn off notifications for that item, without turning all notifications off.
(Photo #3)

Finally, you can view content they have saved in two locations:
1) A dedicated feed that has now been added to the left of your screen, and
2) Through the Saved tab in your Profile.

Making Liking Easier!
To make it easier for you to like and appreciate other members' content,  you can now click 'Like' on a submission directly on a tile in the Feed, without having to go to the response page, allowing you to "like" things a little more easily!
(Photo #4)

As well, we have simplified the design of liking on response pages to make it easier to understand and more aesthetically pleasing.
(Photo #5)

We hope these changes will make things a little easier for you! As always, we'd love to know what's causing you trouble in Creator's Studio. We may not be able to solve everything, but we want to keep your concerns on our radar!