Christmas presents update!!

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Okay folks, Here's my progress. The robot is almost done. I have to finish printing the lightbar, print the controller, then wire the whole thing up. The second picture is the start of the scaled-down infinity shield, which has been a nightmare. I coouldn't find a decent version that would print properly off the internet, so after many many hours of taking screenshots of the movie, then at least a day of making a design that was as close as I could get, then splitting it up into 4 smaller pieces that were printable, you see where I'm at. The big fancy diamond shaped piece on the end just wouldn't print properly unless I removed it separately and made it an individual piece, so that is why this piece has a forked shape.

I'm really enjoying doing this, and it is making my holidays so much more fun. I honestly didn't think the shield would be harder than the robot though. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying the challenge immensely, but it is kind of tedious for something that doesn't even have any moving parts. lol

HUGE thanks to rustoleum and Lisa L. for donating the paint for this project! You folks are the best!