Super cheap and fun cupcake stand!

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I'm in the midst of prepping for my niece's 1st birthday party and my sister decided on Dr. Seuess as the theme.  I wanted to make some fun cupcake stands but did not want to spend a lot of money.. so I did my favorite thing: hit up Dollar Tree. 

I am notorios for getting so excited about a project I fail to take a before and this was one of those times, so I will do my best to describe the items before.

I went to the party supply department and got a 6 pack of the plastic wine glasses.  These are the thin plastic and come in a package of 6.  I then also purchased the dessert plate pack of 8 that come as one - both only 1.00 each.

I then bought a vase that had a cool shape that looks a little funky since this is Dr Seuss and all.  I then went to the plate aisle and found a plate that had a neat shape, as well.


I came home and used the following spray paint:

I am a so in love with this shade now since using it here!
When spray painting, I inverted the plates so that only the BACK of the plates actually were spraypainted.  Since they were clear and/or glass, the color came through perfectly. 
I am not sure on the food safe status of the paint but prefer to keep the paint ONLY on the back and not touching a food space directly.  I am not worried about it as this is for cupcakes that will have the wrapper, but please keep that in mind when painting things. :)
I then glued the items together, a small plate on the wine glass and the large plate on the vase!
Total cost of the setup was 4.00 not counting the paint, which I don't since I still had a ton left and will be painting various other things with this great colors!!
***I also puchased two frames from the dollar tree and spray painted them as well.  They will display info on the snacks!***
PS Please ignore the mess all around it.  Creativity can be least that is my excuse and I'm sticking to it!! hahahah