The Deck Is Done!!

Submitted to Community Café

We finished the Deck using the” Deck in one day” ROCKSOLID by Rust-Oleum. We’re very happy with how it turned out. I even thought to do a shelf with it for herbs on the Deck. It is really thick and fills in the cracks very well. After we cleaned our deck it looked like such a mess, I didn’t even want to take pictures of it. I figured it was for sure gonna turn out bad. To our amazement it turned out nice and smooth and in a beautiful color (Timberline). I got kinda confused with when we could put our furniture back. The brochure shows a picture of a job being done from 8am to 4 pm and it looks like the furniture is back by 4 pm. Then on the can it said 24 to 48 hours light traffic to furniture being put back. So I waited 24 hours and carefully put my small amount of furniture back. There were no issues. I’m glad I’ve got this job done now. I’m sorry I didn’t take the before and during pictures. (Ugly Really). Look at the finished deck instead so pretty!! 

You clean, prime, and stain, all easy to do. The stain is available in 2X, 6X and 20X. Thicker and thicker depending on the condition of your deck. I bought the 2X thinking it was what I needed and after we cleaned the deck I realized I should have chosen the 6X. I already had the 2X so I went ahead with that. It was thick and creamy and didn’t disappoint. It was amazing to watch it go into the cracks and make the deck pretty again. Next time I will get the 6X and see how it does. Hopefully it will be a few years from now. We’ve lived here for 6 years and have already stained the deck 3 times. Oh and FYI I found the “Deck in one day” products at Mernards and Lowe’s. :)