Prayer request

Submitted to Community Café

Hello all~I know this is not a typical submission but I also know that this awesome group is full of caring and supportive people. I shared a project a while back on my son using Rustoleum to paint one of his bicycles.

This past weekend while riding with a couple of team members ( he was recently picked up by a cycling race team), he hit a pothole and was thrown over the bars and landed on his complete right side going 25mph. He sustained a broken clavicle (actually crushed into three pieces) and severe road rash down his right side from head to toe. He also hit his head but thankfully was wearing one of the best helmets you can buy. The helmet cracked in two places but protected his head. He had surgery Monday afternoon on his collarbone and is now sporting some internal hardware. 

We came home after surgery and his pain levels have been very high but we’ll get there. I’m asking for prayers please for a speedy recovery with as little pain as possible, and also for his mom who is about to hit my brick wall but my mommy instinct is keeping me going.

Thank ya’ll so much, it is definitely appreciated.