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   I got my nickname a long time ago. I mean way back in the 1970's! I used to run heavy equipment and I loved to run it as fast as I could safely. So one day I was working on a job that had us moving dirt from one end of the jobsite to the other which was about a quarter of a mile. The piece of equipment I was operating was called a scraper. It only ran 35mph! But on dirt in a machine that weighs about 25 tons going that fast is fairly dangerous! So at the end of the day the boss said I was running like a wild man out there! The next day and the rest of my life so far I have been known as WILD BILL! BUT Patty has said that sents I have gotten older I have become SWEET WILLIAM now! BUT I don't agree with that! LMBO!!!🚜🚜🚜🚜☄