Homemade Christmas tree ornaments

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No pictures yet looking for the opinion of grandparents and great-grandparents.

My wife and I are still relative young (68&67) being great-grand parents of 13.  I know it is too late for this year but I am thinking of getting all of our children (5), grandchildren (8) and the great-grandchildren (13) and the spouses, for those counting we have a total of 37 from my wife & myself to our youngest great-granddaughter, to decorate homemade ornaments for our Christmas tree. 

My question is do I do a mixture of wood ornaments, plaster, and bulbs or limit it to just wood ornaments.  I figure for our adult children and grandchildren I will be lucky to get the first ornament but for all the grandchildren who by law are still considered minors, even though so think they might be to old for such an activity, provide us with an ornament each year.  On each ornament they make I want the year and their name.  Yes, I am a sentimental old fool; that’s the only way I am old.

Any opinions or suggestions!

PS: I am eliminating items made from papre as they are to easily torn with the constant putting on- and taking off the tree and storage.