{Wanderer Chest Redo}

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This dresser was in FABULOUS shape when I picked it up. So I thought. Entire top was veneer (four letter word in my house) and underneath was rotted completely through. SO, custom barnwood top was born! Laid the planks and they fit like a dream. Drawers got the shanding with stain treatment in a floral design. I just use a cloth, Rustoleum stain, typically in Kona, and gloves. I free hand all of my designs in pencil prior to staining. I dip my cloth in stain, start at the center of the flower and with a clean spot of cloth, I blend the stain out to the edges. The longer the stain sets, the darker it gets obviously so I am diligent about wiping back when needed. Added a mixture of hardware, a cream paint on body of chest, gave her a nice layer of poly and off to the races she went!

Thank you for looking!! ~BirdiesReclaimed~