How to determine shelf life

Submitted to Product Chat

Hello experts and product specialist.

Is there any way to determine product shelf life with a newly purchase looking at exterior packaging or on the actual paint containers?
I recently treated myself— hooray—-to some acrylic TESTORS paint in a prepackaged assortment which was purchased on Amazon.
Looking over the packaging and bottles I’m wondering if I’m seeing another red flag.

I had the unfortunate experience a while ago purchasing TESTORS enamel paint in the glass jars on Amazon. Come to find when I went to use the product — the paint seem to have separated.
I did not notice this within the return window so after this unfortunate and disappointing experience I am a bit mistrustful…….

I wonder if my new purchase of the acrylic paints will be suitable.
If you view the attached product photographs you will see the dates 2015 and 2019 on this newly purchased paint product….as well as the expired enamels package date for reference.

Can you verify the shelf life of this Amazon acrylic paint purchase product for me?
Thanks for your time and trouble to reply and educate me if I’m using appropriate vendor to trust to purchase your product.