Another abandoned project nearly completed

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Abandoned project nearly completed. Waiting for optimal outdoor temperatures to add the spray gloss enamel sealer.

Thrift store wooden duck cut out with eye bolted plaque had been in the uncompleted tote. Originally had brown stained finish with stenciled numbers with accent cattails. Primed, partially painted months, possibly years ago-and finally addressed adding the part of the project I was avoiding....adding the house numbers. 

Over the last 4 weeks learning to use the cricut -the design, cutting weeding, stencil transfer has been fine, but the stencil removal has been personally troublesome in many of my painted projects. Thank you @Chunky Mermaid for the advice. My painted white numbers were partially torn off the gloss paint base coat removing the vinyl.

Learning experience -not to use gloss paint with vinyl stenciling, or possibly use spray paint for the stencil cut out instead.
Made lemonade with the lemon stencil project by hand paintIng the outlines of the numbers that were evident after vinyl stencil removal.

Intend to use a gloss spray sealer to complete the project before hanging. Does anyone have an opinion whether to use the crystal clear enamel gloss in the white can or use the automobile gloss for the best outdoor protection?

Life is a learning adventure and the Rustoleum experts and talented creators have often helped me figure out the best action and options. Very grateful for that. Armed with knowledge- I feel more confident proceeding with the information to use the best products the right way the first time or the subsequent times as failures occur.
Appreciate the thoughtful kind supportive community present here.