Submitted to Community Chat

I was so excited to see 4 cans of spray paint & the beautiful glittery colors. This was my submission for the spooky mystery challenge. I didn't get to submit it in time due to storms & rain that knocked my internet out. I tried for days. After having someone come out & access the problem....we did get internet back up & running...only to have a slow connection & I  still cannot upload photos. After a week of trying I gave up...then decided to try uploading it at work using the guest access.
So my son was involved in this project. It was his idea & he helped mostly with all of the project. I had an old screen & I  applied drywall compound with a putty knife covering the screen. After drying for days...we spray painted the frame in black glitter. The background was sprayed with the blue & copper paints. Once dry my son free hand drew a skeleton body. I painted it using white acrylic paint then distressed. My son next drew the pumpkin for the head taped around it & sprayed it slowly with the orange glitter paint. I used acrylic green for the stem & black for the eyes & painted these with a brush. My son came up with the name Jack-0-Skell. He was happy to create this project with me & we used all 4 colors of glitter spray paint with no complications. Thank you Rustoleum!!