Not my favorite product testing experience

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First time using Testors fabric spray paint.
Previously screen printed two shirts and found the screen printing to be less than optimal- Looking weathered or washed a lighter application on a bleach spattered background. Shirts were screen printed followed by a bleach treated spray and wished to do further enhancement on stenciled image.

Decided to try to stencil over this cured heat sealed Speedball fabric ink image to try to enhance.

In preparation-I could not find Testors fabric spray paint user experience information, YouTubes or reviews online about this product when researching prior to application.

I even found the instructions - directions vs painting conditions possibly a little conflicting.

I remasked the exact same stencil with contact paper and hoped to use the fabric spray paint to apply a light airbrush type of application. Light application was recommended.

While trying to follow the directions as listed— I found the product unexpectedly heavily dispersed- more than I was expecting- trying to puff a lightly sprayed layer. It seem too forceful not a light spray application as I wished. A turbo type spray that was a very much surprising experience. I noticed a small paint bubble at the tip of the nozzle at the conclusion of the fabric spraying and trying to clear nozzle upside down as directions instructed. I’ve never seen this odd characteristic before with any spray paint product.

I did the application outdoors and brought the project indoors to dry. The contact paper seemed more wavy- less flat after the spray application. It took close to an hour to dry and then this contact paper stencil was removed. It did look like the Testors may have reacted with the contact paper adhesive perhaps loosening the adhesive stencil seal.  This is my very first time using contact paper cut stencils on fabric. It may be worthwhile to do more practice sessions on the reverse side of the fail shirt.
Results are shown in the photo.

My project choice here was two redos of the Dragon re-masking stencils on cotton spandex—cotton poly shirts.
I found the brush on fabric paint redo results much more attractive than the spray painted results. The brush on application did not seem to break the contact paper stencil seal.

Posting my experience here prior to the other studio members using their sample product hopefully their experience might be different with their product or fabric choice use or learn something from my use. Perhaps offer me some tips from your experience.