It's The Little Things...update

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I took these two small wood boxes we had saved from the packaging of a couple of pancake and syrup gift sets. I took some wood glue and glued the boxes together to start my jewelry tray. I painted them with English Mustard chalked paint, 2 coats. I then took a dragonfly stamp and some Testors acrylic craft paint in daffodil and applied the stamps. I let them dry completely before using the Chalked aged glaze by painting it on and rubbing it off with a clean soft cloth. I sanded it a little on the edges and then I applied the decor art gloss varnish. I let that dry before I outlined the dragonflies with Testors Copper and Silver enamel. I attached beaded twine around the tray and continued by gluing on the plastic golf balls to be used for feet. I painted them with the copper and they looked so cute. I added 3 small burlap bags for special things. I think it turned out perfect. I hope you can see from all these pictures why I like it so much.
I made this for one of the presents I'm giving my granddaughter for her 18th birthday. She's the one who saved the boxes from the pancake gifts and said " grandma can you make something out of these"? I just wanted to show her you can make something out of extra things like that and also give the "something"to her. I wrote Happy Birthday on the bottom with the copper testors enamel.:)