King-Sized Platform Bed

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We wanted a bigger bed. We needed a bigger bed. My wife was pregnant, and had one of those ginormous pregnancy pillows. This thing was like having a whole other person in the bed. And she loved it because it made sleeping so much more comforable, so I proposed that I build us a new bed. Nothing fancy, but something we can add a headboard to later on when we wanted.

I looked around at a bunch of plans online for beds and settled on 2 designs that I pulled my ideas from. One was an Ana White design, and another was from a site that no longer exists, unfortunately.

But, as you can see, it was nothing fancy. I made it short so that our aging Australian Shepherd, Nugget, can jump up and down from the bed without me worrying about her knees. It's also a great height for our (now) toddler to climb up too. If we want to raise it a little, I can add some hidden posts underneath and inside the frame.

One of these days, I'll add a headboard to it. My wife just started talking about rearranging the room again, so I'm going to wait and see if we move the bed from under the window, which will dictate the height of the headboard. I'll add to this post if/when that happens.

I use my trusty dark walnut stain and 3 coats of poly for the finish. For Christmas that year, we treated ourselves to a new Leesa mattress, which we still love over 2 years later.