An apology to Rustoleum, and I actually found projects I can do!

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Okay, first off, I'm sorry to the rustoleum folks because I am just not able to do the factor 4 car cleaning right now. I'd had a really nice car all lined up, (My neighbor's saturn sedan) and I was waiting out the rain before I ended up with a hernia. It's still on my agenda, but until I have my surgery and heal for a while, I'm just not capable. I apologize, and if I can find a way for someone else to do it while I supervise and take pictures I will ASAP.

Also, I found projects! There's a website called that has model plane plans using Dollar store foamboard. Basically all you need is an extendable razor knife, a straight edge, a hot glue gun, and a printer for the designs. I'm just going to build static models for now for the children's wing of my local library. I may build a few for myself too, but I've never been much of a pilot. I try, but most of my planes have ended up being lawn darts. lol As soon as I get in a bit better shape, probably the first of the month's weekend, I'm going to attempt a few. I'll post some as soon as I get the chance. Ya'll have a good week!