Welcome Pumpkin!

Submitted to Community Chat

I had finished painting my front door, but now I needed something to brighten up the gorgeous black color. I had some 3/4" pine that I had salvaged from a friend's house, so I put three of them together using my Kreg Jig. I found an outline and enlarged it to about 20" across. After tracing the pumpkin onto the wood, I used my jigsaw to cut it out. After a light sanding, I was ready to paint. I used two different spray paint colors, Rust-Oleum Rustic Orange and Paprika. After the paint dried, I put some brown paint touches to show some depth and to highlight the stem. Just a disclaimer, I'm clever and creative but I'm not too artistic! It now looked good enough to me.

I found a $2 metal "Welcome" at a local craft store and attached that to the pumpkin. Next I tied some raffia around the stem. I chose to attach the pumpkin to the front door by using a screw. I feel safer this way and it won't fall down when someone closes the door, Ouch!