Creators Studio Rust-Oleum

Submitted to Community Café

I wanted to share how much I have been enjoying this group!  I am in my element of those that think & create with the passion I do. I love the challenges & to watch how others create. I learn about things I did not know & love testing products by Rust-Oleum that I never noticed before. 

I book appointments at Sams clubs for windows & doors & bathrooms. I had a customer come up to me yesterday & wanted to ask about a bathroom remodel. I told her that we do not do tile because of warranty & issues that can occur with tile but we have acrylic. She said well I can do that myself. I was intrigued with this response and said how. She then showed me pictures on her phone of fabulous marble effects & started sharing how she did them. I felt like she was one of us at that moment. I shared about this group & she was very interested & is now going to become a Rustoleum Creator as well. 

Rust-Oleum helped me create a bond in a city that is new to me.  Thank you rustoleum!