Popcorn Tins makeover

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Yesterday I got my backside into gear and made over the popcorn tins!!

Last week there was a post regarding regifting or making over a Christmas gift and I was the lucky recipient of popcorn (I love getting food lol) but the tins whilst very useful, are typically kind of old fashioned in their natural state!

There were some fabulous creative ideas out there but ultimately I really did need somewhere to store flour and sugar (as opposed to plastic containers) so I used the tins for their intended purpose of putting things in and gave them a facelift!

First off I cleaned, sanded to key the surface and sprayed with Rustoleum Painters touch primer.

While this dried I took the lids and drew around them on some leftover 3/4" ply and cut two circles. I also cut 2 more circles a little smaller than the lids and glued and nailed these to the the larger ones. This is to stop them sliding off.

Because I didn't have any pine 1x12 to hand (which would have been way easier to use for the tops) - I had to iron on some edge banding to cover the exposed plywood edges. This part was a pain because it hilighted just how bad my jigsaw skills are !!!! So if you are going to try this I really would recommend using a solid wood panel as opposed to doing what I did!!! (But seeing as these are for me I can ignore the imperfections!!)

The tops were then stained with a 50 50 mix of Rustoleum Dark Walnut and American Walnut that I had left over from a previous project.

When dry, I roughly brushed over some off white latex paint, waited for this to dry and then took some Dark Walnut gel stain on the end of a rag and buffed it over the top in various places - going heavier and lighter in different areas.

While this was drying, attention was turned back to the actual tins. I knew I wanted a nice copper colour - so to ensure the copper showed well I first sprayed with Rustoleum Chalked in the charcoal colour - again waited for it to dry and then went over with copper. Now I really wish I'd have had a Rustoleum copper colour to hand but I didn't (sorry :( ) so I used A N OTHER brand - however a comparible colour would be the copper  Rustoleum Stops Rust protective enamel.

Back to the lids - these were sprayed for protection with the Watco gloss lacquer and cute copper coloured door knobs were added to the tops as a handle!

And that really is that !! If you like the look of text on the front then you could absolutely add this but that isn't where I wanted to go with these!!!

All I need now is marvellously large white shiplap wall with deep reclaimed shelves and some greenery to show these off as I love the look of copper against white!!!? (Next project?!!)

Thanks for reading x