Happy Cat!

Submitted to Community Café

Here's a simple cat hideout that I made to fit an Ikea Kallax storage unit. I noticed that my mom's cat would often try to get in one of the pullout storage boxes if she left it partially open. That was my cue to make her one of her own.

I had some 1/4" plywood hanging around so I first cut out a square, 13", then searched online for a cat sillouette. I traced the outline onto the plywood square, then cut it out with my jigsaw.  The depth of the cube is 15", so I cut two 13" x 15" sides out of the same plywood. I used some scrap pine to secure the sides together with the front. 

I primed (thanks for the new Zinsser gray primer I just received), then painted with Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover. The most difficult part was waiting until she stuck her head out of the cutout so I could get a clear shot!