Garden flag experiment - sewn and handpainted canvas flag

Submitted to Community Café

Going to see how this works out.
Frustrated by UV and weather related one season fading of my mini garden flags, I decided to try out a homemade flag that was painted using latex acrylic paints for mailbox display .

Its an experiment to see how it might tolorate the outdoor exposure and if any significant fade or fabric deterioration occurs, and if —it can be touched up. If it fails I may revert to a wooden plaque and reduce rotating seasonal variety display.

The process: I ordered a smaller canvas dropcloth and sewed up a mini garden flag. Both sides were primed. Next I masked off the center where I will place a monogram letter and painted the background solid red. I tried a buffalo check stencil, it was a sloppy job because I did not use a repositional adhesive. I haven’t stenciled in decades and now I completely understand the advantages of having a vinyl cutter for a professionally sealed job -done perfectly the first time.

I touched up the white around the letter with a paint pen and sealed with a 2x clear spray to finish.
Now the evaluation process begins.