Mini glass jars + Painters touch UltraCover premium latex paint

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Tip I found helpful:
When using Ultra Cover for small craft projects -painting out of the existing 8 oz cans paint volume can be a bit overwhelming.

Small amounts of paint were transferred with a teaspoon or stir stick into small dollar tree glass jars. Almost resembling Testors enamel proportions. Easier to work out of for projects such as rock painting or small projects. Additionally its very effective to get the last bits of paint out of a nearly empty can.
I’ve had some trouble with the plastic snap lid jars with custom tinted both acrylic and fabric paints lasting for future use. So far the UltraCover is happily coexisting in these glass jars for repeat future use. I need to find more of these DT jars for each Ultra Cover color in my stash.

05/05/21 update taller glass jars found in the Walmart craft section 3/$1.00