Donkey Smile

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Sometime I get inspirations from the weirdest thing. It can be a flower, an animal, a tree, or a picture.

This last project came to me in an email, a colleague sending me a smile. Not any smile, a donkey one... a goofy donkey smile... I loved it and I had to do something about it.

 I choose to use the Varathane Ultimate stains(3X):

The Antique White for the eyes and the teeth, the Kona brown for the lower lip, the pupils and nostrils, and the Weathered grey for the skin. I stenciled the roses with the Antique white and a tiny bit of Cabernet, finished the background with Vintage Aqua and protected it with 3 coats of Varathane interior water base gloss finish.

To apply the stains I used a small natural bristle brush for the tight areas and gradually filled the rest with a rag. 

Who said stains were not fun to use?  In creating the Ultimate 3x stains Rust-oleum has given us, artists, the ability to "re-invent" wood refinishing, to make it fun and colourful. The stains are drying very fast, so it took me a weekend to do it. The Vintage Aqua is incredible, I love this colour, I had fun doing this project.