I'M BACK (I think!)

Submitted to Community Café

Well here goes, I was working on a segment bowl.. Cutting 22 and 1/2 degree angles., I had already cut with 15 or 20. My mistake was not cutting off the 🪚 when I reached over the saw to pick up the pieces I had a handful and I dropped some and when I reached down to get it I reached right into the saw! Lost the first knuckle on my middle finger, cut my ring finger off but they was able to put it back on and then it just flattened the first finger!! Now I am about to go back into the shop.! I didn't do anything for a couple of weeks.! Just clean and feel like an idiot! I did learn a lesson! THAT ALL POWER TOOLS NEED YOUR UNDIVIDED ATTENTION TO GET THE JOB DONE" I have owned this table saw for more than ten years and have never had a problem with it 😸😊 only took one minute for me to make a mistake that I will pay for the rest of my life 🧬!!!

THAT joker didn't feel a THING! STILL works great, just had to clean a little blood off of it....... LMBO 😅😂