Submitted to Community Café

Have seen these suncatchers on the internet for awhile now and was wanting to make one for our back porch.  Had my husband slice off a slab of wood from a big tree chunk (not sure of the type of wood, but it cleaned up really pretty).  He also added super glue to fill in the cracks.  I placed the glass blobs on the wood slab until it look visually pleasing.  Drew a circle around each blob so I knew where to drill (and took a picture in case the blobs got knocked around).  Used the drill press (first time ~ new favorite tool) and drilled the holes.  Next I glued the blobs into their holes ~ messy job, but not sure how to make it any less so.  Let it dry overnight, then sprayed both sides with an outside sealer, which brought out the beautiful wood grain.  Next I need to make some sort of hanger using a heavy-duty hanger.  I've got a design in mind, but need to firm that up in my head!