Garage Floor Paint - How washable?

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I am researching products to paint our garage floor with.  We don't need to paint it - but I'm hoping, if we do, I can find a product that would allow me to paint projects on the floor and then scrub/mop off any paint that gets on the floor by accident.  I used to paint on my vinyl tile floor.  Clean up was as simple as spraying a little warm water or floor cleaner and mopping it up - the paint (water based only) would come up with little trouble.  Does Rustoleum Epoxy concrete paint allow for such easy clean up?  I've read some comments to the epoxy paint chipping over time...I would not want to scrub off the floor paint in my effort to clean up after myself...I'd really like to not have to lay down something before working too.  

Do you have a product that will give us clean, durable and easily washable floors??

Thank you so much!