Adding some hardware for interest - delightfully unexpectedly enhanced paint outcome

Submitted to Garden/Outdoors

I had a wooden box made from recycled deck boards to hold some succulent planters. Looking very plain.

The box need something for dimensional interest found some thrift store hardware to consider using. Decided the black would be too dark with the blue box coloration decided to spray with bull’s-eye 123 primer.

While spraying —enjoyed —the initial speckled effect —somewhat looking like vintage graniteware. Decided to stop and stick with that and applied handles with this unplanned unexpected finish. It mirrors the white chalky imperfect finish of my other flower planters.

Update 05/27/21- final tweak
Decided to ask a little bit of a bronzy dirty color—with a metallic rub-on wax to very lightly accent edges of both the handles and the pottery planters top rim to make combo look more weathered and cohesive together.