Thank you to all that supported our project!

Submitted to Community Chat

Our project was selected as a finalist in the custom finish contest.We're  not sure how we solicit support, but we thought we start here. The link below should take you to our submission where you can scroll to the bottom to offer your 'creator coins' as support for our project. 

Thanks in advance for you support. Vicki & Steph from


Here's the info about the support phase:

Support Phase – After the submission phase closes and the experts have reviewed the submissions, all community members will have a specified amount of time to support the final ideas that are their favorite. The amount of Creator Coins with which you are able to support ideas is directly related to your level in the community and the number of Creator Coins you’ve earned. Be selective about which ideas you support because if you support one of the winning ideas you can get double your Creator Coins back! Check out the Rewards page for more information on levels and supporting ideas.

Winner Recognition – We celebrate the winning ideas selected by you and the expert panel! Winners will receive Creator Coins, prizes and possibly other goodies. See the Rewards page for more information.

How to support an idea

Supporting an idea takes less than a minute of your time. Go to the idea that you want to support, scroll down to the “support” section, and decide how many Creator Coins you want to use to support the idea. The maximum number of Creator Coins that you can use to support an idea is based on your level and your point balance. Check out the Rewards page for more information on the levels, and supporting ideas, or your own level page to see which level you’re at and how many more Creator Coins you need to earn to reach the next level!