More marbling - airbrush gold results

Submitted to Community Chat

Trying something new and Fall inspired, marbled some fall foliage. 

I washed and dried the oak leaves. I decoupaged coated the leaves with a few layers. In the past I have found this decoupaged coating makes leaves leathery, pliable and sealed.

For a primed seal ( not waiting for full cure time)  I sprayed with Painters touch 2x. Next medium and paint followed by gold dotting. My color choices may have not been the best and perhaps the leaves should have been more uniform in size when I selected them. There was some puddling in the leaf center with the natural leaf shape and curves. Perhaps in the future I will flatten/ press the leaves out before marble painting so that center puddles are lessened. My preference would be to commit to the amoeba dots or the swirling movement. Makes an unique autumn tabletop decorative addition.

Marbled a memo tablet cover, it is a nice upgrade from previous cartoonish images. Coated the background with solid paint/ medium followed by dotting of blue paint and medium and unthinned gold. I chose not to roll puddled paints just allowing the gold to bloom.

Still a bit more medium leftover and a lot of gold—next up more sizable surface area with Maple tree leaves, may try white and gold application this time.

Thanks again Creators Studio for the opportunity to try the marbling medium and this gold airbrush. Im fairly certain I may not have considered doing these various creative adventures without your push....the generous product samples and encouragement with the challenge to try them out.