ROCKSOLID® Pearlescent Floor Coating Kit and a Bedroom

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I tend to be very eclectic in my tastes and materials to use. When our roommates finally moved out (was supposed to be there for 3 months, turned into 3 years), we decided it was time to refresh that bedroom. I didn't want tile or carpeting but did want something that would survive 2 dogs, occasional overnight visitors and be easy to clean. Having used the garage floor epoxy by Rustoleum on the garage on a house we sold, I thought about using it on the floor of the bedroom. Low and behold there it was, ROCKSOLID®
Pearlescent Floor Coating Kit. We chose black and off we went. It took 2 cases after we sanded down the rough spots in the concrete. You can see the result and I am now scaring my husband with wanting to rip out the carpet in the Master Bedroom and repeating the project. I just wish it came in a  larger size as our bedroom is twice the size of this one.