Workshop "Grandmas's Playhouse"

Submitted to Community Café

Finally, a place to work other than outside.  Canadian winters are not conducive to an outdoor workshop.

My grandkids always asked what Grandpa and I were making and I told them it Grandma's Playhouse.  They thought it was pretty funny that I needed a playhouse.  It has been wonderful.

The shop is only 8' x 15' but works for me.  Big pieces still need to be cut outside, but it is big enough for my table saw, mitre saw, routers, planer, etc. etc.  The ceiling is wood from an old grain elevator my dad dismantled about 40 years ago.  It looks really cool.  The central vacumn was taken out of our home a few years ago and just sitting in the basement.  It works like a charm for dust collection.  

My husband designed it but I did all the cutting, even made the rafters while he was at work.  He was more than impressed.  It is all insulated so even in the winter I go out and work with my heater on.

I don't think I will tackle big projects like that again because it is pretty heavy work for an old grandma, but so grateful to have it.