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I tried to marble for the first time ever! Thanks Rustoleum!!

I loved trying out the products, but it took me a while to figure it out! I started with an old piece of fence and some letters from the craft store I found on sale.

I messed up a few times so I ended up using the foam brush to just mix my wood marbling disaster. I actually liked it.

The letters have all the colors and have a thick coating of paint.The letters started to look better, and I will definitely try marbling again for a Christmas project.

I think wood is not the best medium to use for this project or make sure your treat your wood first. I did not treat mine in any way so it absorbed a lot of the paint and I lost the marbling I was trying to do.

I will change this up some more because I feel like the letters are getting washed out. I will try marbling the back with the darker brown and gold.

I used all my paint colors. French vanilla was my favorite and the gold!

Thanks again Rustoleum!! You stretched me!!!