Imagine spray paint

Submitted to Community Chat

I was sent three imagine spray paints to test. Colors of Christmas, silver, Red, and white. This paint can spray sideways, or upside down. It is thicker then most spray paints & colors were very reflective & cheery. It can be sprayed on wood or metal or glass but I wanted to try it on plastic. A neighbor gave me his old plastic drawer unit that had looked a mess. I cleaned it really good & began to go to work taping off & spraying with my imagine spray paints. Once all had cured (I gave it a few days to be safe) I finished with Rust-oleum triple glaze to give it a protective seal so it would not scratch off. This paint was not suggested for plastic but I like to push the envelope & experiment. Without the triple thick glaze, it would have come off (I tested) but once glaze was on, no problems. I plan to give it to my daughter in law to store all her Christmas cookie cutters & such (she loves to bake). Colors of drawer unit will give her no questions as to where she put them & it gives the holiday spirit as well. On a side note: I had two drawer units given to me but when I started to spray, I noticed I would not have enough to complete both units. The red needs a second coat to really make it pop but the white & gold were good coverage. I also tried on glass bottle to hang on tree & it did great with no need to spray sealer. All the paints have a great gloss finish.