Taking a break!! Update!

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I took a break from painting things long enough to make this Fairy Garden. I did spray paint the white basket last summer with Rust-Oleum. :)
I plan to use the fairy garden basket this spring in my foyer decoration and out on one of my covered porches in late spring and summer. 
It turned out really nice and I have to tell you almost the entire thing but the basket and one plant came from the Dollar Tree. I’ve paid 15.00 for one tiny fairy at the fairy garden stores and 25.00 for a small house. So doing this rather big garden, moss and all for I think 35.00 was a steal. 
When Dollar Tree put out the Fairy Garden stuff so early, I just had to make a garden. I’ve been doing the gardens for about seven years now both inside ones and outside ones. A lot for gifts. All’s good, all’s fun, back to painting today!!:)
Adding new pictures of the truck and trailer in the fairy garden. Love them, so cute!!:)