Bee projects

Submitted to Community Café

I’m not sure it’s been mentioned here before but there’s a trick to loosely mimic honeycomb when doing bee projects.
I’ve done this a few times before on slate tiles.
Today I’m trying it on a flower pot. The flower pot has been sealed both inside and out and have a chalky outdoor white finish.

By applying a layer of golden paint to the bubble wrap you can make a  stamped impression for the background of your project.
In my case here today the clay flower pot  I used a larger piece of bubble wrap that I applied some acrylic golden paint onto the bubble wrap with a sponge brush. Then it was lifted and gently applied to the flower pot applying some slight pressure to make contact. Or it could be stamped on in a quicker fashion using a smaller piece of bubble wrap that’s easier to control.

Vinyl final cut out will be placed on top of the honeycomb or if preferred like the slate tiles the bee could be hand painted or stenciled.
Still learning with the vinyl, not perfect at that- 50-50 here laughing-please dont judge=)

It might be advisable to practice honeycomb stamping on posterboard or paper first.
🐝I hope this might helps someone.🐝