Wood Logic Puzzles

Submitted to Community Café

Wild Bill is building wood logic puzzles and having fun. I made numerous and had at least three or four books on them at one time. Things "drift" when you lend them out. The only one I have left is one titled "Crafting Wood Logic Puzzles" by Charlie Self and Tom Lensch. It has eighteen puzzles and I made a fair chunk of them and several of them I made numerous copies. Some are pretty simple, some are pretty demanding in their precision. I like the book because it shows you how to make jigs to make the pieces. It also recommends the types of wood and finishes you may want to use for the puzzles and explains why.

I gave up on logic puzzles as donations for several reasons. One was I had to provide the solution so it could be taken apart and then solved / put back together - a "floating" piece of paper with a puzzle in a hospital play area does not stay around very long. Another was there are a number of pieces in these and too often one or more would get lost making the puzzle worthless.

I think they are fun to make. They do take a great deal of precision and, if made right, are pretty satisfying to hold - for about two take-aparts and put togethers. They do make great presents and generate a high degree of conversation for about two hours.