Retro trivets upstyled with paint

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Two more metal trivets were given a paint job refinish.
I have collected a number of these metal trivets at secondhand venues over the decades. I fondly remember my grandmothers kitchen having trivets displayed in a horizontal chair rail type fashion.

While the existing as found black finish is an attractive option I wished to paint the text.

Sprayed trivets with 2X Canyon Black. Raised text painted an off white acrylic.

In the HAPPY HEARTS example the embossed faces in the lower hearts was filled in. Hearts next were primed with Bullseye 123 and painted with UltraCover gloss red. The red was unexpectedly was a very startling bright red decided to tone down with an overcoat of a marron red acrylic.

Both- painted trivets coated with 2X matte clear giving a nice final finish. The finish could - might be aged with a brown wax or acrylic wash -if vintage look is preferred.