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Is the weather sapping everyone else's energy too? This is literally all I've accomplished this month craft-wise. They are printed hold-downs for Brutus. They still need a coat of rustoleum aluminum, but I at least got this far. The smaller singles are going to be screwed in from the back, but you can see the holes in the big double and the big singles for bolts. I do have a website for everyone to check out though! It's called and it's cool! I've been checking out all of their techniques. @Lisa L. and @AlexisK you all might want to talk to them about some partner videos. I do know they are a big fan of flex-seal spray.  I think y'all would be a good match. Anybody else making any progress?

P.S. They just forecasted 6 to 10 inches of snow this weekend. I'm going back to bed. lol