Possible BOLO Dollar General $1.00 mini-garden flags—- transformed with Rustoleum

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Unbelievably - Dollar General still has one dollar items.
Among the spring and garden display offerings are these one dollar mini garden flags that includes a metal hanger.
I am taking my older faded mini flag and this new unremarkable mini flag design - priming and painting for custom outdoor display.
I put a dowel pencil inside the stitched casing just to be sure the paint doesn’t stick together. The mini flag will be made much like my mailbox flags.
To decorate - an alternative to painting -would be to do an HTV iron on.

The UltraCover endures my punishing outdoor exposure quite beautifully.
These polyester nylon flags tend to fade in one season at my location and the UltraCover cover remains vibrant.

Alternatively these mini garden flags could be Chalked painted -Decoratively painted or stamped and displayed indoors.