Solar Lantern

Submitted to Community Café

I love using solar lights in my yard! There are so many ways you can dress them up. I took a empty glass jar and decorated the outside with sea glass using E6000 glue. I put the colored rock on the bottom of the jar. I had found this cute solar surfer at the dollar store and he fit perfectly in the jar. I had purchased the solar light at the dollar store also. I took off the stem, to use just the top part of the solar. I wanted the solar part to blend in with the jar and seaglass. I taped the top of the solar light with Frog tape. I used Rustoleum 2x Ultra Cover in Aqua around the sides of the solar. The opening of the jar was bigger than the solar piece. The next question on my mind was how to get the solar to sit on top when it was smaller than the opening of jar. I was thinking beachy, and rope came to mind. So I glued a piece of rope all around the side of solar. This came out so cute. At night the solar light comes on and shines on the surfer. During the day, the surfer surfs back and forth in the light. so whatcha think of this small but adorable project?