Another Karen joke

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Hello, creators hope your projects are going swell!
Hoping for some suggestions on how I can take these ruined cookie sheets of my mom's.
(Story below, and yes, her name is Karen.)
My mom is VERY OCD about her kitchen; moreso with bakeware and keeps everything clean and pristine. She was feeling nice and let my cousin take her two ( and only) Farberware cookie sheets since he has gotten obsessed with cooking and baking. They were not returned for at least half a year, if not longer.
Then while visiting us, he prefaced with "Let me tell you the whole story first..." in a nervous laugh.
Mom did not like his story, because it ended with him using it as a drip pan, and then forgetting it in the oven after turning it on to preheat.
At the end of his story, I am unsure if MyMom was feeling more disappointed, or deeply saddened because those cookie sheets were freaking amazing and perfect for making cookies on. He offered to buy her new ones, but Mom declined, because of how picky she is, and how long ago she got those cookie sheets.
So here is my thought: I was hoping to make some kind of funny/sassy/snarky sign to put in our kitchen. (yes, 'our'-My Mom is my caregiver as I have multiple autoimmune diseases :) )
Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated! (hope the video and photos upload!)
Thanks and have a wonderful holiday season with your family!


PS. in the video I call it a pan *Am aware it is a cookie SHEET, not a pan😅