Adjustable Book Racks

Submitted to Community Chat

I actually like it when someone tells me what they need something or let me know they want something. Especially if it is to support our school system where my Wife teaches. From her school Christmas party, I got several requests. The “Christmas Party Production Requests” of adjustable book racks was four and I missed taking any photos as my Wife took three to school already. The fourth is waiting for something.

Several friends are getting them too so the current production run is six. The ends and the slide are all three layers of repurposed wood glued up with exterior wood glue for strength. With four bars, there are eight "straight mortised" (square) holes and hand fitted in the ends. The four bars are glued up with two layers of offsetting grain to resist warping or bending. The slides are hand fitted and mortised at an angle so they are fun too.

While time consuming, they are fun.