Garden Fairies

Submitted to Community Café

I saw a sign at a home store which looked nothing like this but I liked the words. Well, I liked the entire  thing but it’s only the words that I was trying to use when I made this sign. I kept meaning to go back and get the sign but never got there. After awhile I decided to make my version of it. I only have before and after pictures, I got so involved with doing it that I forgot the during pictures. Mostly though I’m just trying to pass along the words.
I just used a piece of leftover floor laminate some Rust-Oleum spray paints and some Testor’s craft paints. It’s just a little garden sign a little surprise along the path.:)
Update: In the end I use it in the purple bedroom on a shelf above the chest to balance off the height of the secondhand clock. The colors were perfect too!:)