I tried Kona!!!

Submitted to Community Café

I’ve been wanting to try this stain for awhile now. I’ve heard it mentioned in a lot of projects on here. I had purchased a can several months ago and was waiting for an oppportnity to use it.

I wanted to redo this toddler chair for my grandsons to use. I have three under the age of three. Anyways I cleaned the chair and sanded it good. I used the Varathane “Kona” semi gloss. It’s stain and polyurethane in one. I think this is the first time I’ve ever used a stain. I was blown away it’s really beautiful all rich and glossy. I applied three coats and loved it. What a difference it made!!! Then I wanted a two tone effect so I painted the seat out with a butterscotch color satin paint I had (enough said). This looked really awesome against the Kona. 

I’m really happy with the finished chair. I have lots of Kona left to do other projects. It opens an entire new avenue for me. My first trip out after using it I was thinking...oh that would look great with Kona...or that would be the perfect piece to stain!:)