Bleached flannel - first try

Submitted to Community Café

First try at bleaching flannel shirts combined with further enhancement with fabric painting.
Uncharted territory…. just winging it- results likely show this.

Learning experience.
Less than ideal weather conditions were present with cool fall temperatures for bleaching the flannel fabric outdoors.
A evidence of over bleaching that was not apparent during the actual physical process.
Cooler temperatures were likely a factor.

I always apply freezer paper ( ironed -on) to the reverse side of my silkscreening projects or with fabric painting. It stiffens the fabric perfectly flattening the surface and can contain any potential paint bleed through. It is removable-easily peeled off after all painting is completed.

Masked off image outlined with freezer paper- base coated white for background to build upon.

The black and white Iris image …. was stenciled black next and finally highlighted with handpainted details with Testors black white and gray acrylics.
It cleaned up fuzzy margins and enhanced the facial and jewelry details.

Update 11/26
Added three trees to gnome shirt to try to fill the bleached dead space

The classic gnome image was masked white, followed by a HTV outline application and handpainted color applied last.

Rear freezer paper protection peeled off.
The fabric painted images are sealed with a hot iron front and back, I use a teflon sheet.

Might possibly consider other embellishments to use more of the bleached out areas.