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I received some overwintered indoors- coleus leaf clippings from my brother-in-law.
I rooted several clippings in water in reused IKEA spice jars and a few directly in soil with rooting hormone.
Actually to my surprise both propagation methods rooted very well.

When the rooted water clipping were substantial -looked around for something smaller sized to upsize with. I use some recycled fruit cups
( rounded on the bottom ) that were vented with drainage holes on with my Dremel and set them in spray can cups for support and drainage collection.
The repotted collection was put in another plastic container ( thrift store) to contain any water overflow. It will also help me transfer plants inside and outside as nighttime temperature conditions warrant. Coleus are annuals here in my zone seven, hopefully these will have another life and continue their growth. My job is to keep roots moist as the adjust to their new home in a soil container.