If I Could Choose...

Submitted to Community Chat

If I could choose just one picture of the some of the projects I’ve done in the passed weeks... A lot of the time you do projects that you don’t post. I’ve done things where I take the pictures along the way but I don’t end up posting the project. When I am going back through the pictures I always think I should have posted that. So here’s one picture I chose of each of those recent projects I didn’t post. I think this is a fun submission idea and I would love to see what you’ve done and haven’t posted. Sometimes it’s just a small project and you feel like it’s not special enough to post. So since I have the pictures I’ll just put them in all together and make one post. 
The lavender color is the New Silver Lilac, I’ve been searching for a bigger piece to use it on its so pretty.
The little table I got for 2.99 at goodwill and used three different rust-oleum sprays to blend the finish. The wall plaques in Oil rubbed bronze were an add on to the challenge but I never added them on. The mirror in  Metallic Accents turned out great for the upstairs hall. The water color is sort of a craft idea. Using the Four section mat to make it look like a vase of flowers through a window. I sprayed the mat in Silver Lilac. The plaques in the entry over the coat rack are done in Metallic Accents. I guess that’s it. I keep pretty busy with my projects. I’m getting ready to do the “Deck in a day” by Rust-oleum. This sounds amazing, you can even use it in 40 degree weather.  I’ll be back !!:)