Too late- oh well😂🥰

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Aloha Friday all!
After first joining Creators Studio two years ago, there was a challenge (not sure but think it was a trash to treasure challenge) that I made a project for and never got to share it, just found the photos; so now would like to share them!
Did you know that if you allow a baby belle radish to, “bolt,” and go to seed, they get get big and ugly, despite their adorable tiny flowers.  These flowers grow off long  tendril like vines from the greens.  I couldn't NOT let it go to seed; what a waste that would be! Seed collecting is where my groove is at, and if you have ever seen a radish go to seed, you know they get long vine tendrils that bifurcate and trifurcate (we are talking ridiculously long) with many seed pods on each.
While harvesting the seed pods off of the “vines,” i got bored and creative and decided to spool then up into little wreathes. Once it has bolted, the taste is bitter and woody, so where most people would pull and throw, I chose to grow and dry. After removing every seed pod, all that remained was a giant tumbleweed-looking monster.
   They stayed in this state from summer until well after the Trash to Treasure challenge . December comes around, and I thought they were trash because they were falling apart quickly.  I remembered I was given a bottle of clear  spray paint- the type that land surveyors use to seal marks  on the road- so why wouldn't it work to seal/bond the twiggish bits? What a birthday weekend surprise!! Indeed, it worked better than a girl could have hoped.  Unfortunately I ran out of BOTH COLORS before I finished the Mickey wreaths.😂 ( go figure!)
Attached is the only photos I could find.